Welcome to AP Biology!

Be ready to work hard, learn fascinating concepts, and have LOTS of fun.  AP Biology is equivalent to TWO semesters of college Biology.  We will move at a fast pace but the curriculum is designed around understanding and applying concepts.  You will be designing and conducting experiments and demonstrating scientific reasoning throughout the course.  Your work ethic will determine your success in the class, it may not always be easy but you will most likely leave this class feeling prepared for college level courses. I am here to help and I am excited to spend the year learning with you!

Just remember this is an AP course and if you put in the time you could earn college credit.  Therefore, you should expect this class to run at a college pace.  Be prepared to do homework every night, whether it is textbook reading, studying for exams, preparing for projects, or completing other homework handed out in class. 

 You and your parents should not be surprised by course requirements that are in excess of what you would expect from an honors level course.  It is not unusual for you to be responsible for several assignments at the same time. Time management is an important factor in preparing for both labs and exams. The goal of the class is to enrich your understanding and appreciation of biology as well as to pass the AP Biology exam in May. 

Taking the exam is strongly requirement for this class, you will put in so much time you might as well try for some college credit. Because we have so much to cover, you will be required to do some reading, learning and preparing for labs on your own.   I expect that you come to school every day prepared to work and go home every night prepared to study. Your motivation and dedication to the course will help you to be successful and pass the AP exam. As your teacher, I am merely a guide to help you reach that goal.

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