Guest Lectures

One of the requirements for AP Biology is to attend at least one science guest lecture each semester.  Guest Lecture notes, reflection and current event are due ONE WEEK after the lecture.  You must obtain an official Carlmont Guest Lecutre Form and have it stamped at the end of the lecture to obtain credit.

 The guest lecture series is almost always at 7 PM on the second Wednesday of the month.  The lectures are all in the PAC or Performing Arts Center.  Remember - no food or drinks inside the PAC.  Our science team works hard with local companies to bring us new and exciting research happening in science.  Check the Carlmont Website for details.

If you can not make it to one of our guest lectures you can attend others as well - Please see me for details on what you will need to submit to get credit.  

Please plan ahead so you can make sure to complete one lecture each semester.  

Other options include
Talks at the Seymore Marine Lab - Sundays
Stanford Science Lectures
Academy of Science